5 Diamond Reel

5 Diamond Reel: A game where fortunes glint like diamonds in a mine, offering wins as unexpected as uncovering a gemstone in the rough. Check out the amazing adjacent symbols payout mechanism to experience wins like never before.

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Game info

Reels: 5

Matrix: 5x3

Winlines: 5

RTP: 95.99%

Volatility: 3

Number of symbols: 8

Game features: Stacked symbols, Wild multiplier, Random multiplayer

Functionalities: Gamble, Autoplay, Turbo mode

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

Size: 25 MB

Languages: multiple languages

Max win: 4072x bet

5 Diamond Reel
Game Overview

Embark on a glittering quest with 5 Diamond Reel, where every spin polishes your fortune to shine brighter than the rarest gem. This isn’t just another slot game – it’s a treasure trove of 5 reels and 3 rows, illuminated by winning lines that sparkle like constellations in a jeweled sky. Winnings shimmer across adjacent symbols, crafting wins as seamless as a perfectly cut diamond — no need for them to align from edge to edge, just three in a sequence kindles the flame of triumph.
With a max win that can soar up to more than 4000x your stake, and adorned with the lustrous allure of diamonds and vibrant gems, every spin is a delve into opulence. Plunge into the realm of 5 Diamond Reel, where each spin is a brush with destiny, painting your path with the lavish strokes of affluence and splendor.

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Game available on various platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

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