81 Show

Dive into the extraordinary world of “81 Show,” where vibrant fruits spin and big wins await. This game is not just any game – it’s a top-tier favorite among our players, renowned for its captivating gameplay and brilliant rewards.

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Game info

Reels: 4

Matrix: 4x3

Winlines: 81 ways

RTP: 96,21%

Volatility: 4

Number of symbols: 9

Game features: Stacked symbols, Wild multiplier

Functionalities: Gamble, Autoplay, Turbo mode

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

Size: 12,4 MB

Languages: multiple languages

Max win: 3888x bet

81 Show
Game Overview

Welcome to the Spectacular 81 Show!

Fruit-Themed Fantasy: Embark on a journey through a mesmerizing 4-reel slot universe, beautifully themed with luscious fruits. It’s a visual feast that promises both fun and excitement.

A Galaxy of Winning Ways: With 81 ways to win, every spin brings a new opportunity. The game’s ingenious design ensures that every roll of the reels could be a path to fantastic victories.

The Star of the Show – MULTI81 Symbol: Here’s where the magic truly happens! The MULTI81 symbol is your golden ticket to glory. Acting as a powerful Wild Symbol, it’s not just a substitute for other symbols; it’s a multiplier magnifier! Get ready to see your wins soar with multipliers of x2, x4, and even x8. The thrill multiplies every time the MULTI81 lands in your favor.

Join the Magic Show: Step into the spotlight and let the magic of “81 Show” take you to new heights of slot excitement. Big wins, fantastic fun, and an unforgettable experience are all part of the package.

Are you ready to spin and multiply your way to success? Let the 81 Show begin!

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Game available on various platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

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