promaticonline is committed to Responsible Gambling and believes that online gaming should always be entertaining, exciting and safe. As a licensed casino software provider, we at promaticonline make sure that our games meet stringent requirements that are set by the regulators, and we fully adhere to these rules. We understand player protection as any activities, which reduce or prevent the potentially harmful effects of gaming. The main goal is to prevent and reduce the negative effects of gaming for all players, and specifically for adolescents and other vulnerable groups in society, and therefore also for members of their family. Responsible gambling features are proactively developed and applied in our games to ensure the safety and security of the players. Supporting self-exclusion tools, deposit limits, and bet limits our compliance solutions promote the highest standards of player protection.


All our games are based on a solid and secure mathematical model that conform to the highest standards of quality. As a reputable provider, we guarantee compliance with fair payout percentages. Our dedication to a fair play, honesty and transparency is immovable, and that is why we employ the latest RNG system designed to produce a literally infinite number of combinations. This allows us to ensure completely random outcomes during gameplay, which has been confirmed by the independent accredited test facility – iTech Labs. We are committed to independent inspections and strict licensing procedures for our products and services.


As a responsible gaming provider, we believe in our customers personal responsibility, provide tips on responsible gambling, allow for the setting of personal limits and provide reality checks as well as options for players to limit themselves. Any of our free or promotional games have the same payout percentages and probabilities. We consider it our obligation to provide customers and partners with the best information, to train our employees how to deal with problematic players and to provide required support. The personal responsibility of our customers and also of our staff and partners can only be developed by providing sufficient information. Meaningful prevention and player protection start even before the first spin of any of our games.


Our customers are the most important part of our business. We understand that while the majority of our clients play well within their limits, for some keeping control of their bankroll might come as a challenge. To help them stay in control of their gambling habits, we strongly urge our customers to remember the following rules:

– Gaming is a kind of entertainment and should not be considered as a means of earning an income
– Chasing losses are a dangerous way to play
– You should merely play with money that you can afford to spend
– Keep track of the time and the amount of money you spend when gambling
– Take a self-imposed break from gambling if you feel you need to do so
– If you feel as though you have or are developing a problem with gambling you should contact your local problem gambling support organisation and ask for a help: