Janosik 30

Inspired by the legendary folk hero Janosik, a rogue who famously took from the rich to give to the poor, JANOSIK 30 immerses players in a thrilling adventure of righteousness and daring escapades. Step into the shoes of this heroic outlaw in a quest for justice and riches.

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Game info

Reels: 5

Matrix: 5x3

Winlines: 30

RTP: 96,04%

Volatility: 5

Number of symbols: 10

Game features: Wild, Freegames, Stacked symbols

Functionalities: Gamble, Autoplay, Turbo mode

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Size: 26,8 MB

Languages: multiple languages

Max win: 1500x bet

Janosik 30
Game Overview

Rated five out of five on Promatic Games’ volatility scale, JANOSIK 30 is specifically designed for the resilient and daring. It’s a game for true risk-takers. The high volatility of JANOSIK 30 indicates that while wins may be less frequent, they have the potential to be significantly large, offering substantial payouts to those who are patient and bold.

Maximum Win Potential: The stakes are high with JANOSIK 30! A single bet can lead to a maximum win of up to 1500 times the initial wager. This means players can potentially win up to 150,000 PLN with a maximum bet of 100 PLN on Total Casino. Such high win potential makes JANOSIK 30 an exhilarating choice for players seeking games with the opportunity for massive payouts.

Overall Experience: JANOSIK 30 is more than just a game; it’s a high-stakes journey into a world of folklore and fortune. With its high RTP, extreme volatility, and potential for huge wins, JANOSIK 30 promises an exciting and rewarding gaming experience for those brave enough to take on the challenge. Join the legendary Janosik in his noble quest, and test your luck and resilience in this thrilling game of chance and heroism.

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Game available on various platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

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