Miss Joker 5 Reels by Promatic Games – new edition of a classic

Apr 1, 2024 | News

Miss Joker from Promatic Games is an absolute classic of Polish slot games. The title known among traditional slot game players had an important breakthrough that happened on the 1st of February 2021. On that date the traditional three-reels slot landed on Total Casino – the only legal online casino in Poland. Since then, it has been one of the most popular games on the website with a crowd of loyal fans. Recently Promatic released an online five-reel sequel Miss Joker 5 Reels. Lets dive into the history of this Universe.

Miss Joker with Romanian roots

Miss Joker 5 Reels appeared on Total Casino on March 28, 2024, but the process of its creation and implementation on the market started much earlier and surprisingly, not in Poland. The game took its first steps on Promatic slot machines in Romania, where we deliver our machines to Las Vegas – big chain of landbased Casinos in Romania.

– The players in Las Vegas showrooms need some time to get used to new edition of their favorite, traditional predecessor, due to the fact that the new game have different parameters. Now Miss Joker 5 Reels is doing perfectly well, gaining more and more popularity on this very competitive market that Romania is indeed – says Piotr Fedak, CEO of Promatic Group. – After successfully passing tests on the Romanian market, we decided to launch the game in Poland – it is part of the Energy+Orange multigame available in Totalizator Sportowy Slot Halls and at Win Casinos in Tarnów and Tarnobrzeg – he adds.

Meet Miss Joker 5 Reels

The new version of Miss Joker is a game with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Unlike the three-reel version, there are no Free Spins, but it gives you the opportunity to win up to 6,000 times the stake.

– Miss Joker 5 Reels is a game where you can win really big money. At the same time, it is a game that we recommend to players who like risk because its volatility is rated at 5 on a five-point scale – i.e. the volatility level is the highest available on the market – says Piotr Fedak.

Of course, what brings the main focus in the game is the charming and mysterious Miss Joker character, who acts as the Wild symbol. It replaces other symbols to create winning combinations and additionally multiplies winnings from all paylines. When two Wild symbols appear on the screen, the player’s winnings will be doubled, and three Wild symbols will multiply the winnings by up to three times. The Wild symbol in this version of the game can expand to cover the entire reel, which gives a chance to win bigger by completing or creating new combinations.

And that’s not the end of special symbols. The game also features the SCATTER Symbol, adding an effect of randomness and unpredictability to the gameplay. Its appearance is counted regardless of its position on the reels. Winnings from individual paylines and scatter symbols are added up, increasing the potential amounts available to players.

The Miss Joker universe is even bigger at Polish casinos

In online casinos, players will find the three-reel Miss Joker, the five-reel Miss Joker 5 Reels for those who really like risk, but it turns out that this is not all when it comes to the universe of this game in the Promatic portfolio.

– Several months ago, we decided to combine two of our hit titles, Miss Joker and 81 Show, a popular game with hats that multiply winning variations. This is how the Miss Joker Show production was created, which is currently a “limited edition” tested at Polish casinos. Miss Joker Show is a game based on 81 variations, not on paylines. Players will also find a wild symbol that multiplies the winnings by up to eight times, says Piotr Fedak.

Are you ready to try something new – Miss Joker 5 Reels –  or will you stick to clasics – Miss Joker


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